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Finance Department, Haryana 

The Finance Department, Government of Haryana is responsible for management of finances of the State Government. It is concerned with all economic and financial matters affecting the State as a whole including mobilisation of resources and allocation of resources for infrastructural development, social welfare, human development and administrative purposes. Prior to introduction of any new scheme / proposal, the approval from the Finance Department is sought. The Finance Department gives approval after taking into consideration all the financial aspects.
            The Finance Department of Haryana mainly deals in allocating annual Budget to various departments, managing their releases, monitoring expenditure, re-appropriation of funds, interaction with Treasuries and Accounts and Accountant General, issuing Loans & Advances to employees of the State, Monitoring of Ways & Means Position of the state, Issuing instructions related to Pension, DA, Foreign tours, study abroad and on other Economy control measures, giving sanctions to new posts, vehicles, issuing POL Coupons to all the Departments for running their vehicles.
           Finance Department also acts as a guide to various departments in matters relating to financial rule, framing of rules, amendments thereto in keeping with the changing times to bring about efficient financial administration.

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Instructions regarding re-appropriation/ diversion of fund request and submitting of bills in treasury in month of March. - '24/03/2015'
CWP No. 15479 of 2012- Debi Singh Vs. State of Haryana (Revision of Pension). - '20/03/2015'
Instructions regarding re-appropriation, diversion of fund request and submitting of bills in treasury - drawing of advance. - '10/03/2015'
Regarding Issuance of GPF statement through e-mode. - '04/03/2015'
Punjab Civil Services Volume -II (Haryana Amendment) Rules, 2015 - '04/03/2015'

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