Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

Haryana state Financial Services Limited

1.    Introduction

The State Government is in the process of establishing a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) to manage the surplus funds of various State Government entities. The main objectives of the company are as follows:-

a)         To advance, deposit, lend money or provide financial assistance with or without security to the State Government, a body corporate, Government company, State or municipal body, local body wholly owned or semi owned by the Government.

b)         To carry on the business of a finance company and to provide short/long term loans to State Govt. entities.

c)         To receive grants, loans, advances or other moneys or deposits or otherwise, from State or Central Government, Banks, Financial Institutions, Companies, Trusts, Co-operative Societies, other Financing Agencies or individuals with or without interest thereon.

The Company viz. Haryana State Financial Services Ltd. has been incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 on 4.7.2018. The paid up capital of the company is Rs. 2 crore. The company is being registered with the RBI to enable it to function as NBFC.

2.    Board of Directors

1.     Shri Sanjeev Kaushal, IAS                                                               Chairman

        Chief Secretary, Haryana.

2.    Shri T.V.S.N Prasad, IAS                                                                    Director

       Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department

3.    Shri Pankaj, IAS                                                                          Managing Director

       Special Secretary Finance 

4.    Shri Kulwant Khullar,                                                                       Director

                  Administrative Officer, HSFSL

           5.    Smt. Geera Garg,                                                                                Director

                  Senior Accounts Officer, HSFSL