Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Order of transfer/additional charge to the following Officers with immediate effect. FA Branch 15/13/2021-1FA 16-04-2021
2 Order of post/transfer of the following Chief Accounts Officers with immediate effect. FA Branch 15/54/2020-1FA 16-04-2021
3 Grant of Interest free advance to Government employees for the purchase of Wheat during the year 2021-22 W&M Branch 46/1/2011/WM(6)/188 16-04-2021
4 Regarding Re-appropriation Orders of Government of Haryana for the year 2020-21. B&C Branch 10/01/2020-1B&C 12-04-2021
5 Communication of Budget Estimates for the financial year, 2021-22. B&C Branch 14/01/2021-1B&C 12-04-2021
6 Additional charge for the post of Principal, Accounts Training Institute, Panchkula to Sh. Rajbir Singh Chief Account Officer, Joint Director O/o Director Small Saving, Haryana, in addition to his present duties. FA Branch 15/19/2021-1FA 12-04-2021
7 Legal Notice/Demand Notice on behalf of All Haryana Govt./Semi Govt. Drivers Association, H.O., Chandigarh in CWP No. 1709 of 2013 for compliance of order dated 28.01.2020. Pay Revision Branch 3/4/2011-4PR(FD)/37337 08-04-2021
8 Transfer order of Shri Chhabil Dass, Assistant Treasury Officer, Sub Treasury Tohana (Fatehabad) to Sub Treasury Office, Ellanabad (Sirsa) against a vacant post FA Branch 15/44/2020-2FA 06-04-2021
9 Regarding updating data in e-Posting. B&C Branch 28/12/2014-1B&C 06-04-2021
10 Payment of Dearness Relief to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners on un-revised Pension and Family Pension as per 6th CPC from 01.07.2019. FR Branch 4/1/2017-2FR/23941 05-04-2021
11 Passing of Pending Bills presented in Finance Department/treasuries on 30.03.2021 and 31.03.2021. B&C Branch 28/14/2021-1B&C 05-04-2021
12 Regarding Re-appropriation Orders of Government of Haryana for the year 2020-21. B&C Branch 10/01/2020-1B&C 31-03-2021
13 Submission of replies of outstanding CAG/Audit Reports and PAC/COPU recommendations. B&C Branch 15/7/2019-3B&C 31-03-2021
14 cancelation order of transfers of Resident Audit Officers FA Branch 15/02/2021-3F.A/8177 26-03-2021
15 Additional charge of the following Resident Audit Officers of Local Audit Department FA Branch 15/16/2021-3FA 15-03-2021
16 Deployment order of Shri Vijay Singla, Chief Accounts Officer, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Gurugram in the Office of Director General, Treasuries and Accounts, Haryana, Chandigarh FA Branch 15/15/2021-1FA 15-03-2021
17 Additional charge order of Senior Accounts Officer FA Branch 15/13/2021-1FA 09-03-2021
18 Additional charge order of the following Senior Accounts Officer FA Branch 15/56/2020-1FA 02-03-2021
19 Additional duties assigned to the following Accounts officers and Section Officers in the Finance Department for the purpose of Budget preparation/co-ordination up to 20th March, 2021 FA Branch 15/56/2020-1FA 02-03-2021
20 Result of Departmental examination of Assistant Treasury Officer of Treasuries And Accounts Department held on 06 and 07 February, 2021. FA Branch 16/07/2016-2FA 25-02-2021