Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 The Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following postings awaiting posting order of the Accounts Officers FA Branch 15/11/2018-4FA 15-07-2019
2 Additional Charge to following Accounts Officers FA Branch 15/05/2018-4FA 11-07-2019
3 Additional Charge of Accounts Officer FA Branch 15/01/2019-4FA 02-07-2019
4 State Subordinate Accounts Service (SAS) PartII (OB/LAD) Examination. 6718TA-HR(19T)2019/4149 26-06-2019
5 Nodel Officer for New Pension Scheme (NPS) 2/47/2007-1Pension 21-06-2019
6 Grant of interest free advance to Government employees for the purchase of wheat during the year 2019-20. W&M Branch 46/1/2011/WM(6) 18-06-2019
7 Transfer/Posting Orders of Accounts Officer with Immediate effect. FA Branch 15/11/2018-4FA 18-06-2019
8 Transfer/Posting Orders of Senior Accounts Officers with Immediate effect. FA Branch 15/13/2019-1FA 18-06-2019
9 Transfer/Posting Orders of Accounts Officers with Immediate effect. FR Branch 15/01/2019-4FA 14-06-2019
10 Revision of pension/family pension of pre 2016 Retired Medical Officers of Haryana Government; (7th CPC) w.e.f. 01.01.2016 Regarding Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) Pension 2/30/2015-1Pension (FD) (ii) 10-06-2019
11 Counting of Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) for Pensionary benefits. Pension 2/30/2015-1Pension(FD) (i) 10-06-2019
12 Revision of pension/family pension --- Fixation of Pension of Medical Officers retired during 01.01.2016 to 30.04.2018. Pension 2/30/2015-1Pension(FD)(iii) 10-06-2019
13 Cancelation Order of Sh.Harpal Singh, Accounts Officer. FA Branch 15/02/2018-4FA 31-05-2019
14 Revision of pension/family pension of pre 01.01.2016 pensioners/ family pensioners of Haryana Government (7th CPC) w.e.f 01.01.2016--clarification thereof. Pension 2/23/2016-1Pension(FD) 27-05-2019
15 Pension Cases/Family Pension Cases in regards expeditious processing of Pension cases. (Submission of Pension Cases on Prescribed Proformae) Pension 68/2/2001-Pension(FD) 27-05-2019
16 Rate if interest to be charged on House Building/Motor Car/ Scooter/ Motor Cycle/ Cycle/ Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar fund for the first Quarter (April to June) of 2019.20. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3) 22-05-2019
17 Regarding overdue loan installment of employees. W&M Branch 2/2/2004-WM(3) 20-05-2019
18 Implementation of Online Leave submission & approval system in HRMS. B&C Branch 28/14/2016-5B&C 14-05-2019
19 Implementation of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)- Annual Confidential Reporting System (ACRs). B&C Branch 28/14/2016-5B&C 14-05-2019
20 Additional Charge to the Accounts Officers in addition to their Present duties. FA Branch 15/05/2018-4FA 14-05-2019