Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Rate if interest to be charged on House Building/Motor Car/ Scooter/ Motor Cycle/ Cycle/ Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar fund for the first Quarter (April to June) of 2019.20. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3) 22-05-2019
2 Regarding overdue loan installment of employees. W&M Branch 2/2/2004-WM(3) 20-05-2019
3 Implementation of Online Leave submission & approval system in HRMS. B&C Branch 28/14/2016-5B&C 14-05-2019
4 Implementation of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)- Annual Confidential Reporting System (ACRs). B&C Branch 28/14/2016-5B&C 14-05-2019
5 Transfer/Posting Orders of Senior Accounts Officer. FA Branch 15/13/2019-1FA 13-05-2019
6 SLP(C) No.012113/2019- State of Haryana Vs. Narender Pal Arya & Others arisen out of LPA No.2460 of 2017 in CWP No.3922 of 2011 – regarding instructions of Finance Department dated 09.04.2010. Pay Revision Branch 6/59/2012-4PR(FD) 08-05-2019
7 Regarding counting of Adhoc/Work Charge/ Temporary Service towards grant to additional increments/ HSS/ ACP pay scale – Civil Appeal No.321 of 2015 State of Haryana & Others Vs. Rajender Kumar & Others with other connected Civil Appeals and SLP(C)s. Pay Revision Branch 6/77/2019-3PR(FD) 02-05-2019
8 Grant of interest free advance to Government employees for the purchase of wheat during the year 2019-20. W&M Branch 46/1/2011/WM(6) 01-05-2019
9 Regarding Capturing details of State Government's employees for creating Family ID. B&C Branch 28/7/2019-5B&C 01-05-2019
10 Posting /Transfer Pleased to order that Sh. Gulshan Kumar FA Branch 15/25/2015-4FA 26-04-2019
11 Regarding incurring expenditure for Interest on Delayed Payment of Pensionary/Other Benefits etc. W&M Branch 13/2/2008-W&M(1)2019-20 25-04-2019
12 Regarding opening of new scheme under Major Head 7610. W&M Branch 3/11/2017-WM(3)FD 08-04-2019
13 Grant of National Increment on completion of 12 Months of Service on 1st of July of a Calendar Year (After Retirement) for the purpose of Pension to Govt. employees. Dealing with the Pending/Under Consideration Cases. Pay Revision Branch 6/183/2018-4PR(FD) 03-04-2019
14 Disbursement of Pay & allowances/pension to the Haryana Govt. employees/ pensioners for the calendar year 2019. FR Branch 2/2/2010-4FR/4977 19-03-2019
15 Transfer/Posting Orders of Deputy Directors of Local Audit Department. FA Branch 15/8/2017-3FA 07-03-2019
16 Posting/Transfer of the Accounts Officers FA Branch 15/02/2018-4FA 06-03-2019
17 Posting/Transfer of the Accounts Officers. FA Branch 15/02/2018-4FA 06-03-2019
18 Transfer Orders of Resident Audit Officer. FA Branch 15/05/2017-3FA 06-03-2019
19 Transfer Shri Ombir Singh, Chief Account Officer FA Branch 15/08/2019-1FA 05-03-2019
20 Posting/Transfer the following Resident Audit Officers FA Branch 15/05/2017-3FA 05-03-2019