Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Economy Measures. B&C Branch 5/6/2002-1B&C 23-06-2022
2 Regarding updating data in e-Posting. B&C Branch 28/12/2012-1B&C(T&A) 15-06-2022
3 Instruction regarding submission of Bills in State Treasuries. B&C Branch 28/14/2011-5B&C 10-06-2022
4 Regarding updating data in e-Posting. B&C Branch 28/12/2012-1B&C(T&A) 08-06-2022
5 Implementation of 'Create New Post' module in e-post sanctioning system. B&C Branch 28/12/2014-1B&C(T&A) 08-06-2022
6 Rate of Interest to be charged on House Building/ Motor Car/ Scooter/ Motor cycle/ Cycle/ Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar fund for the 1st quarter (1st April to 30th June,2022) of financial year 2022-23. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3)/709-713 11-05-2022
7 Opening of new sub head of accounts under Major Head '0049-Interest Receipts. FA Branch 3/5/2022-2WM/718-722 11-05-2022
8 To open Loan ID and Loan Account of deceased Government employees regarding. W&M Branch 84/05/2021-2WM/697-701 10-05-2022
9 Utilization Certificate relating to various Grants-in-Aid. B&C Branch 33/2/2020-3B&C(Part II) 04-05-2022
10 Submission of replies of outstanding CAG/Audit Reports and PAC/COPU recommendations. B&C Branch 15/7/2019-3B&C 28-04-2022
11 Regarding approval of pending LTC bills for the block year 2016-2019. W&M Branch 45/05/2021-2WM/690 28-04-2022
12 Regarding start of recovery of pending loans and penal interest and to deposit the Waived off amounts in Punjab National Bank (PNB). W&M Branch 02/02/2004-WM(1)/578-583 19-04-2022
13 Communication of grants for the financial year 2022-23. B&C Branch 02/01/2022-1B&C 12-04-2022
14 Grant of interest free advance to Government employees for the purchase of wheat during the year 2022-23. W&M Branch 46/1/2011/WM(6)/5547 01-04-2022
15 Re-appropriation Orders for the year 2021-22. B&C Branch 10/01/2022-1B&C 21-03-2022
16 Organising of Pension Adalats in State of Haryana on 29.03.2022 (Tuesday). Pension 2/7/2018-1Pension (FD) 21-03-2022
17 Defined Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS) of the State Government----- Choice of Pension Funds. Pension 2/32/2012-1 Pension(FD) 21-02-2022
18 Purchase of New Vehicles B&C Branch 5/1/2020-1B&C 18-02-2022
19 Regarding start of recovery of pending loans and penal interest. W&M Branch 3/11/2017-WM(3)/108-112 15-02-2022
20 Instructions regarding re-appropriation of fund request and submitting of bills in Treasury in month of March, 2022. B&C Branch 28/14/2011-5B&C(T2A) 01-02-2022