Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Revision of pension/family pension of pre 01.01.2016 pensioners/family pensioners of Haryana Government (7th CPC) w.e.f 01.01.2016.....clarification thereof. Pension 2/23/2016-1 Pension (FD) 17-08-2021
2 Regarding database of pay scale/ pay structure of the posts in the State Pay Revision Branch 5/3/2015-5PR(FD) 23-07-2021
3 Clarification Recovery on account of reduction of pay while re-fixation of pay in terms of HCS (RP) First Amendment Rules, 2020 and HCS(ACP) First Amendment Rules, 2020. Pay Revision Branch 1/20/2016-5PR(FD) 16-07-2021
4 Rate of interest to be charged on House Building/Motor Car/Scooter/Motor Cycle/Cycle/Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar Fund for the 2nd quarter (1st July, 2021 to 30th September, 2021) of financial year 2021-22. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3) 15-07-2021
5 Implementation of Pilot project of submission of Fresh Pension Cases in Online Dairy Management System (ODMS) Pension 2/2/2019-1Pension(FD) 08-07-2021
6 Devolution of 2 percent Stamp Duty to Rural and Urban Local Bodies including Gurugram Metropolitan Develovpment Authority (GMDA) FD-III branch 11/76/202-1fd111 23-06-2021
7 Regarding non grant of ACP to ex-servicemen employees while counting their military service (other than emergency military service counted towards seniority) for the purpose of ACP as per advice dated 29.05.2009 Pay Revision Branch 6/82/2020-3PR(FD)/10853 17-05-2021
8 Designation of Nodal Officers for submission of replies of outstanding CAG Audit Reports/PAC recommendations. B&C Branch 15/7/2019-3B&C 11-05-2021
9 Regarding creation of new posts and/ or up-gradation / modification of pay scale of any post or an employee or categories of employees or any other matter involving Financial implications without the prior approval of Finance Department in violation of Rule 18 of PFR Vol.- I and rule 7 & 31 of rules of Business 1977. Pay Revision Branch 6/83/2020-3PR(FD),9724 22-04-2021
10 Implementation of Pilot Project of submission of Fresh Pension Cases in Online Dairy Management System(ODMS) Pension 2/2/2019-1 Pension (FD) 08-02-2021
11 Rate of interest to be charged on various loans and advances given to government employees. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3) 27-01-2021
12 Scheme for payment of pension through e-pension system- Submission of Life Certificate-extension thereof. Pension 2/32/2012-1 Pension(FD) 29-12-2020
13 Regarding Digitization of the receipt of License Fee of Chandigarh (UT). FICW 10/52/2020-2FICW 10-12-2020
14 Higher Education Credit Guarantee Scheme IFCC/Acctt/2020/1796 20-11-2020
15 Scheme for payment of pension through e-pension system-Submission of Life Certificate-extension thereof. Pension 2/32/2012-1Pension(FD) 18-11-2020
16 Clarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown period regarding FR Branch 11/40/2020-3FR/16235 11-11-2020
17 Instructions for preparation of Budget Estimates for 2021-22 regarding. B&C Branch 2/5/2020-1B&C 04-11-2020
18 Nodal officer in relation to NPS Pension 2/47/2007-1Pension 24-09-2020
19 Issue of No Dues Certificate (NDC) Guidelines to be followed Pension 2/2/2019-1 Pension (FD) 19-08-2020
20 Regarding opening and operations of Personal Ledger Account through Cheques. B&C Branch 28/21/2012-5B&C 18-08-2020