Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Instructions regarding executing CSR Projects of Haryana State Government PSUs and PSEs through Haryana State CSR Trust. B&C Branch 28/60/2022-5B&C 01-07-2022
2 Result of Examination of Haryana State Accounts Subordinate (HSAS) Part-I & II (LAD) conducted from 28.05.2022 to 01.06.2022 Local Audit Haryana I(80)LAD/SAS/EA-IV/2022/3315-3317 30-06-2022
3 Transfer orders FA Branch 15/19/2018-4FA 11-08-2020
4 Timely Submission of Pension/Family Pension Papers. Pension 5/15/2014-3Pension(FD) 02-12-2015
5 Criteria/Guidelines for the paper of SAS Examination Part I and II SAS Examination SAS2009-10 03-03-2010
6 S.A.S Examination Part-I and Part-II (OB.LAD) Examination 2010 SAS Examination 181-TA-HR(4T) 2010/224-400 08-01-2010
7 Extension of Date till 5 PM on 13.09.2009 of receipt the SAS application (Part I and II) Treasuries SAS 2009 10-03-2009
8 Application form for the S.A.S. Part-I and II (OB/LAD) Examination 2009 Treasuries TA-HR(4T)2009/2715 24-02-2009
9 Family Pension Forms PEN-IB,PEN-17,PEN-19,PEN-19,PEN-20 Pension PEN-IB,PEN17,PEN18,PEN-19,PEN-20 10-12-2007
10 Application form for Allotment of GPF Number PF-I GPF PF-I 10-12-2007
11 Application form for Nomination PF-2 GPF PF-2 10-12-2007
12 Application form for Final Paymen of GPF PF-5 GPF PF-5 10-12-2007
13 Application form for Final Payment of GPF to Nominee PF-6 GPF PF-6 10-12-2007
14 Forms to be filled up by the official before retirement issued by HoD Pension HoD to Employer 10-12-2007
15 Complete Pension forms Required by an Official for the release of Pension Pension Pension Forms 10-12-2007
16 Marriage Advance Form and Checklist Loans & Advances 22-08-2007
17 Cycle Advance Form and Check List Loans & Advances 22-08-2007
18 Computer Form and Cheklist Loans & Advances 30-10-2006
19 House Building Form and Checklist Loans & Advances 30-10-2006
20 Loans & Advances 30-10-2006