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1 Instructions regarding executing CSR Projects of Haryana State Government PSUs and PSEs through Haryana State CSR Trust. B&C Branch 28/60/2022-5B&C 01-07-2022
2 Posting order of Chief Accounts Officer FA Branch 16/04/2020-1FA 30-06-2022
3 Result of Examination of Haryana State Accounts Subordinate (HSAS) Part-I & II (LAD) conducted from 28.05.2022 to 01.06.2022 Local Audit Haryana I(80)LAD/SAS/EA-IV/2022/3315-3317 30-06-2022
4 Promotion/posting order of Senior Accounts Officers to Chief Accounts Officers. FA Branch 16/04/2020-1FA 27-06-2022
5 Creation of the Finance Officers (SAS Cadre) post in the Universities. FA Branch 16/5/2017-1FA 23-06-2022
6 Economy Measures. B&C Branch 5/6/2002-1B&C 23-06-2022
7 Post/transfer of the Joint Director, Deputy Director and Resident Audit Officers of Local Audit Department. FA Branch 27/10/2022-3FA 22-06-2022
8 Posting/Transfer order of Senior Accounts Officer FA Branch 16/01/2020-1FA 22-06-2022
9 Posting/Transfer order of Senior Accounts Officer FA Branch 15/43/2020-4FA 15-06-2022
10 Regarding updating data in e-Posting B&C Branch 28/12/2012-1B&C(T&A) 15-06-2022
11 Regarding updating data in e-Posting. B&C Branch 28/12/2012-1B&C(T&A) 15-06-2022
12 Implementation of Pilot project for submission of Fresh Pension cases in Online Diary Management System (ODMS). Pension 2/2/2019-1Pension(FD) 13-06-2022
13 Instruction regarding submission of Bills in State Treasuries. B&C Branch 28/14/2011-5B&C 10-06-2022
14 Implementation of 'Create New Post' module in e-post sanctioning system. B&C Branch 28/12/2014-1B&C(T&A) 08-06-2022
15 Regarding updating data in e-Posting. B&C Branch 28/12/2012-1B&C(T&A) 08-06-2022
16 Additional charge to the following officers of Local Audit Department, Haryana FA Branch 15/03/2021-3F.A. 06-06-2022
17 Additional charge to Deputy Director FA Branch 15/30/2021-3FA 03-06-2022
18 Regarding Re-Conciliation of sanctioned Group-D Posts existing in Departments/Boards/Corporation. B&C Branch 28/51/2022-1B&C 03-06-2022
19 Civil Accounts of Haryana State for the month April, 2022. B&C Branch 28/63/2016-6B&C 01-06-2022
20 Additional charge to Accounts Officer FA Branch 15/43/2020-4FA 31-05-2022