Finance Department, Haryana

Government Of Haryana

S.NoTitleClassNumberIssue Date
1 Superannuation of Director Local Audit Department FA Branch 18/27/2019-3FA 30-09-2020
2 Transfer orer Sh. Yoginder Mohan Katyal FA Branch 16/01/2018-1FA 28-09-2020
3 Nodal officer in relation to NPS Pension 2/47/2007-1Pension 24-09-2020
4 Outstanding Utilisation Certificates relating the various Grant-in-aid B&C Branch 33/2/2020-3B&C 08-09-2020
5 Posting Order Treasuries 16/7/2013-2FA 31-08-2020
6 Grant of Dearness Relief of State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pre-revised scale (5th Pay Commission) w.e.f. 01.07.2016. FR Branch 4/1/2017-1FR/12091 28-08-2020
7 Revised structure of admissibility of Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Travelling Entitlement. FR Branch 5/8/2019-2FR(FD) 26-08-2020
8 Regarding one time relaxation to the allotee of the Haryana Government Residential Houses to vacate the houses in view of Covid-19 Lockdown. FR Branch 5/32/2020-5FR/10894 26-08-2020
9 Empanelment of Banks with Government of Haryana. Institutional Finance & Credit Control 40/13/Empnl./2017/663 20-08-2020
10 Issue of No Dues Certificate (NDC) Guidelines to be followed Pension 2/2/2019-1 Pension (FD) 19-08-2020
11 Regarding opening and operations of Personal Ledger Account through Cheques. B&C Branch 28/21/2012-5B&C 18-08-2020
12 Implementation of Digitization of e-Voucher for Salary Bills B&C Branch 28/22/2017-5B&C 13-08-2020
13 Transfer orders FA Branch 15/19/2018-4FA 11-08-2020
14 Authorization of DCRG to Haryana Govt. employees Pension 8/29/2006-4Pension (FD) 04-08-2020
15 Regarding submission of infromation about pending Utilisation Certificates B&C Branch 28/7/2020-3B&C 30-07-2020
16 Rate of interest to be charged on House Building/Motor Car/Scooter/Moter Cycle/ Cycle/ Computer and Marriage Advance granted to the Government employees and also fixation of rate of interest on General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar Fund for the 2nd quarter (1st July to 30th September, 2020) of financial year 2020-21. W&M Branch 34/2/94-WM(3) 30-07-2020
17 Updation of Employees data in Human Resource Management System (HRMS) module. B&C Branch 28/34/2020-5B&C 28-07-2020
18 Transfer Shri Rajender Singh Mor FA Branch 15/12/2019-1FA 24-07-2020
19 Revision of Pension/Family pension of pre 01/01/2016 pensioners/family pensioners of Haryana Government (7th CPC) w.e.f. 01/01/2016 Pension 2/23/2016-1Pension(FD) 24-07-2020
20 Regarding submission of information about pending Utilisation Certificates. B&C Branch 28/31/2020-3B&C 22-07-2020